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Fsenhancer clouds

Fsenhancer clouds

Just did another test flight, It's really looking good :D. As more background work continues, keep looking out here as well as on Marks twitch where you will see some surprises and further updates.

Join Mark with his VFR cloud checks. A good friend of mine is going live again after a long pause from simming. Show him some love! Welcome back, Mark. Take note it's a beta. Expect glitches, clouds flickering, stutters and lags, bad visuals in some situations. This package is meant for developers and advanced users.

Take note some features are unfinished, some are missing. Here a brief list Take note this mod is VR Untested; it may work well, but don't expect any full compatibility with VR. Check your other LUA scripts. Any script using one or more of the datarefs used in TrueHaze. FSE v0. Vivid preset will make the clouds look dark gray though. This Plug-In features a 3rd party script X-Visibility.

Here a little showcase of some things I'm working on these days. I made some progress regarding FSE. I improved a lot the overall lighting rendition, which now has a much more natural feeling, especially concerning low light conditions dawn, dusk and all the areas darkened by clouds shadows. Sky textures have been tweaked, and new sky samples taken during the winter have been added. Saturation and contrast have been improved as well.

Even if Sun textures are still unfini The most noticeable feature is the new dramatic rendition of broken clouds, There's still need of some texture polishing and refining work though. Scattered clouds are slowly reaching their definitive form. I edited a new parameter controlling the SSAO Space Screen Ambient Occlusion by literally doubling its radious,vegetation now especially shrubs, grass and bushes look gorgeous in my opinion.Hello Guest, Login.

Quantity Add to Cart. Load real-time meteorological data with download interval from 5 up to 60 minutes taking into account following factors:. More pictures here.

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Current version : 1. Prior to install xEnviro it is recommended to deactivate these applications in Plugins menu in simulator or delete them up to X-Plane user. Sorry, NOT compatible with Mac at this time.

Windows only. Support forum for xEnviro.

Preview: FSEnhancer V0.5.0

Version 1. Changed - Scattering equations for low sun angles. Removed - Maximum intensity slider for clouds. Added - Brightness slider.

fsenhancer clouds

Changed - Noise mixing law for cumulus clouds. Removed - In cloud effect checkbox. Added - Maximum ozone level slider. Changed - Calculations for scattering, perspective and optical depth have been separated. Removed - Resolution slider has been removed. Fixed - Assymetric projection matrix applied to the cockpit camera.

Details can be found in the SDK.

fsenhancer clouds

Clouds will grow up more naturally and solid clouds will not be transparent anymore. This distance now set in the middle between detailed and maximum drawing distances. Cloud brightness is fully controlled by scattering and light equations. Recently Viewed Items.By renaultJune 17, in Community Screenshots. I really like flying in the "golden hour". If you are an "Xplaner" you might wish to have a look at this freeware offering.

ENOV Norway. Oceano County Airport L Ultimately I was working towards a balanced color rendering. This is about pm using the.

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Well I have XP but haven't bought the full version yet as I simply don't have the time to learn it. And with each post you make Renault it looks like I may never do it as it all seems so exquisitely complicated. I don't have the inclination to sit there and do all this stuff and learn a new sim, nice as it is.

fsenhancer clouds

You make it look easy but this is high level programming to me, light years over my head. A fantastic series of views from someone who obviously knows what they are doing. You should enter the contest with some of thouse, one per month.

X Plane has many ways to embellish what you see on the screen. Renault just takes it to a higher level. I must admit Those sunset skies look really awesome. Renault, these are terrific shots.

To everyone, my sincerest thanks for all your kind comments and observations. As I have gotten much older I have realized that not only do I have to exercise my body every day, but I also have to do things to exercise my mental facilities was well.

I read a lot on a variety of subjects, many of which I knew nothing of when I started, am trying to learn how to play the bagpipes veryvery badly but I love the experience and my club is very supportive. I am also enrolled in a new career at one of our local universities by starting the study of architecture and urban planning simply because it has been a lifelong amateur interest and I wanted to learn more about it. Is any of this easy - " h I am continually amazed though that the more I learn, the more I realized what it is I don't know.By renaultJuly 22, in Community Screenshots.

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I stumbled into this quite by accident. It is not a bug in XPlane per se, but surprisingly is a quite commonly used rendering adjustment in many of the "environmental". What I noticed was that in the environmental add on I was using FSEnhancerwhenever I was flying in or through clouds it was almost as if a "hole" was being created which I then flew through. Upon further investigation, I removed the FSEnhancer. This time I had wonderful "wispy" clouds to fly through and I realized that the.

What this means is to instruct the XPlane rendering engine to start drawing clouds nearest the aircraft using cloud puff 3 XPlane clouds are 2 image. The default XPlane value for this parameter is 0, which means that the first cloud set would be used.

The reason for this note is that upon further investigation I found that the following add-ons my list is not extensive all use the same statement:. The following images of BartonManchester show the impact of changing to the first cloud image in the rendering sequence. Not only does it affect flying within cloudsbut also affects rendering when one is near clouds as well.

I have not seen any frame rate impact from changing the value from 3 to 1 or 0but my enjoyment of flying around Manchester has increased many fold. Renault, thanks for your inquisitive mind. My Ultimate setting was 4 so made that 1 also. There's no reason why it couldn't be changed if you were just looking for some interesting effects to investigate.

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Beautiful images anyway! You have an infinite amount of patience doing this Renault, I admire it, I'd be pulling my hair out trying to figure all this stuff out but the results are amazing! You can post now and register later.

fsenhancer clouds

If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL.

FSCloud - Multiplayer Flying

Community Screenshots Search In. Recommended Posts. Posted July 22, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted July 23, Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL. Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up.Featured image by Andrey Sheybak. Real time meteorological data with a smooth refresh interval from 5 up to 60 minutes. Atmosphere condition based on dynamic air parcel prediction model used for real aviation research and training.

Atmosphere quality includes humidity, pollution and fine particle amount. Unlimited variability of cloud formations generated dynamically by the atmosphere engine. Advanced hurricane model based on actual data tracking and live feeds. Precise thunderstorm cell locations based on real time radar and satellite data. New physics based realistic sky coloring rendered using real time ray tracing and light scattering.

Actual wind direction and speed for all levels as well as for the temperature, turbulence and windshear. Volumetric effects for different types of precipitation like drizzle, rain and snow. Reflective raindrops on windshield for any aircraft with virtual cockpit.

Realistic cloud passing visual effects. Visual effects of aircraft lighting in clouds strobe lights, beacon lights, navigation lights, landing lights. Landing lights effect during in-cloud and foggy flight.

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Volumetric external aircraft lights for selected set of aircraft. Light reflections by cloud surface from urban lights at variable intensities. Physics based light scattering for clouds. High quality real time cloud shading. Flexible settings for atmosphere, visual and sound effects. Surface crosswind component can be reduced during ground roll for users with no rudder pedals. Realistic braking action and braking degradation based on actual reports. Atmosphere and cloud light scattering and color depend on atmosphere quality, weather conditions and time of day.

Environmental sound engine with ambient sounds and capability to add custom sounds to X-Plane scenery.Updated version as per November Ultimate Mod 2. Com is now supporting and promotion Silentdark his FlyWithLua plugin, cloud textures and much more ….

FSEnhancer v0.6.3 Beta Released

This updated version over our previous 2. Please delete the old cloud pack from previous version of our mod 2. Step 3: Choose the version you want to use! If you are still experiencing this issue check your x-plane 11 log.

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Is this MOD compatible with other lua scripts? IT IS NOT compatible with lua scripts that claim to effect water, clouds, shadows, as this mod does all that anyway and those lua scripts could cancel out scripts within this mod and possibly cause fps issues in some cases.

Disclaimer : This MOD started out as a Preset for the Rendering Options Plugin and then became a standalone version influenced by my custom preset for that mod! The standalone version was made for easy plug and play use with Flywithlua!

I plan on making changes to it with user feedback to make it the the true Ultimate Mod for our Amazing X-Plane community!

Thanks for Downloading this! It has been a pleasure making this mod and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did making it! It is not allowed to copy, publish or redistribute any part of any file or package from this website without prior permission from X-Plained.

Com or from the developer. After that, you can continue with this 2.Tired with the same dull and boring environment in your Flight Simulator? Now Instant Enhancer can take your simulator up a notch without compromising performance! Compiled from real DHLR photographs, Instant Enhancer is the simplest add-on in its class and the name speaks for itself. Simply load it up, press one button and in seconds your clouds, oceans, rivers, waves, reflections, sky, grass, lights, runways, sun, trees and moon will be enhanced with cutting-edge photographic textures.

Let the screenshots speak for themselves! Chicago City X. Seattle City XP. VL30 GolfX-Japan. Seattle City X. New York City XP. Manhattan X. Moscow City X. New York City X v2. US Cities X - Boston. Antarctica X. US Cities X - Cleveland. Download size: 15MB learn about downloads. View Basket. My Account.


For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. What are you looking for? Sky Textures - realistic sky textures for all times of day dawn, day, dusk and night featuring blended 'soft' horizons for a more natural look Water Textures - state-of-the-art ocean and river textures along with wave and reflection textures that change dynamically with the weather Cloud Textures - acclaimed cloud textures that include both cumulus and cirrus cloud types Airport Textures - runway and taxiway textures compiled from photographs at real-world airports Lighting Textures - brighter and more focused runway lighting along with a more natural aircraft lighting system Sun Textures - custom-coded sun effect for a brighter but realistic sun along with a redesigned lens flare effect Grass Textures - new grass texture that looks great in all airports Tree Textures - newly tweaked and redesigned tree textures for all seasons Moon Textures - complied from a real HD photograph State-of-the-art Interface for a clean, organised, and easy-to-use Application.

Texture back-up - with the click of a button your textures will be safely backed up so you can restore them if needed Detailed PDF manual to explain the already simple features and functions No Frame Rate impact whatsoever! System Requirements: Flight Simulator 2. Buy Download Now.

You might also like Give your FS visuals a significant boost with these high resolution photographic textures which will greatly improve the look of the sky, water, clouds, airports, lighting, grass and trees — and even the sun and moon! The user interface is clean and simple and you can back up all your original textures with a single click of the mouse!

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